Sophie Beya,

Woodhouse charity: water Champion

Sophie is tasked with engaging The Woodhouse Spa teams more deeply in our work with charity: water. While she is originally from Cincinnati, Sophie has lived and served in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Uganda, South Africa, Syrian Refugee Camps, Haiti, and Nepal. 


Sophie finds fulfillment in caring for others and is passionate about helping people discover how incredibly they can impact the lives of others around them. She has worked at The Woodhouse for two years: “I love that we’re given the green light to leave an impact on people’s hearts through our actions as representatives of the company. I love being released to make someone’s day and call it ‘work.’ What a blessing to be a part of a team like this.” 


Sophie is traveled to Uganda in July 2019 for our first WoodhouseGives trip. She visited villages that have benefitted from a charity: water clean water project and some that are awaiting that day. She talked with community members, gathering stories that bring life to the real need, showing the real life change that happens when a community receives access to clean water, and inspiring our spa team to make an impact.


From the field, Sophie shared content via Instagram (@sophiebeya), much of which is re-posted for you to read on this page.

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